To celebrate 110 years of the Striding Man, Johnnie Walker’s icon, we created a complete and integrated campaign inspired by the landmark years in the history of the brand. 
The five different looks are brought to life in an animation, that pays tribute to the different decades in its design. 
The campaign includes five collectible packaging designs too, featuring illustrations inspired by different moments in its history. 1908, the year the icon was created, was inspired by art nouveau; 1929, the first time the symbol was redesigned, is a reference to an oil painting; 1970, the year that the logo became a pop culture icon, alludes to silk-screen printing; 1996, when Johnnie Walker added Green, Gold and Blue Labels, recalls CRT TV sets and VHS; and finally, 2018, the year of the 110th anniversary, had a minimalist design.
Role: Creative Director
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