People are not shocked by the waste in burying organs that could save lives. It’s easier to be shocked by burying a luxury car. To help change that, a very famous and eccentric Brazilian billionaire, Count Chiquinho Scarpa, posted on his Facebook page that he would bury his U$ 500,000 Bentley in the yard of his mansion, inspired by the pharaohs who buried their treasures. 
The impact was huge. People were revolted and the media strongly criticized the Count’s decision, as expected, on every TV channel, radio station, magazine, newspaper and Internet portal in the country, even abroad it made the headlines. But on the day of the burial, with all of Brazil’s media gathered broadcasting it live, after placing the car inside the grave, Scarpa interrupted the funeral and declared: “I won’t bury my car, but everybody thought it absurd. 
Absurd is what people do everyday: bury their healthy organs.” The action of the ABTO (Brazilian Association of Organ Transplantation) was revealed, opening the National Week of Organ Donations.​​​​​​​
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